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Monday, March 01, 2010

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How to earn money like the celebrities -

Are online jobs the answer to our nation’s recession? Susan Daniels says “You better believe it!” As a mother of three living in Julian, California, Daniels is presently making more money than ever before working from home – all during the worst economic crisis in our history.

In a recent interview, she stated, “I make $75 an hour just by posting listings for Fortune 500 companies on eBay. Right now, I’m earning $975+ a month.”

Susan told us that after joining the Official Home Job Placement Program, she has never made so much money before, especially from home.

Susan's situation is all too common these days. Until her recent layoff, she worked as a well-compensated sales rep for a national supply company. Ironically, as happens in too many homes across America today, on the same day she was laid off, her husband also received his pink slip.

“We went from a two-income household to no income at all. We had to act fast if we wanted to stay in our home, pay our bills and feed our family. With so few jobs available in our town, we checked out work-at-home opportunities online.”

To add insult to injury, Susan and Jim fell prey to a couple costly web scams. “We didn’t realize how many vultures there are out their looking for out-of-work people… but once we realized they were pyramid schemes disguised as legit opportunities, we got out fast.”

The Daniels’ luck all changed when they made the decision to avoid small companies with uncertain reputations.

“We wanted to work from home. We needed to find a real opportunity. So, we decided to go to a work-at-home job placement company and see if they had any job listings in our area. They were able to place us in a job working with Fortune 500 companies listing auctions on eBay for them. The pay has been great, we have been earning $75 an hour, and we’ve never been happier.”

Home Job Placement is one of the most successful online job placement firms. They have helped over 16,493 people find legitimate work-at-home jobs

With their new career choice, Susan and Jim saw immediate results. Money was literally flooding in, and in an ironic twist, the couple couldn’t be happier about getting laid off.

“We are so grateful that we discovered Home Job Placement. When we found out how easy it was to become certified as Auction Listing Specialists, it took away all the stress and worry and showed us exactly how to make tons of money every day just by posting simple listings on eBay for companies like Microsoft, Compaq, Izod, Calvin Klein, and Apple,” explains Jim Vickers.

"I basically make around $6000 to $7000 a month now"
-Susan Daniels

However, The Daniels’ story doesn’t end there…

“Since we were making more money than ever before, we didn’t think things could get any better. We were wrong. Our paychecks just kept getting bigger and bigger!”

Susan proudly showed us one her most recent checks from her job she got through Home Job Placement:
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But, Susan has a warning for anybody considering working from home online.

“Watch out for those sites that promise you’ll make millions overnight. With Home Job Placement you’re NOT going to make millions. Who else is going to tell you that? But you are going to get certified fast, be offered a real position immediately, and make a great income with much less work – and you’ll never have to worry about getting laid off or looking for a job ever again.”

From our research, Home Job Placement is the best of the best. In just four steps anybody can secure a home job and start earning.

Step 1: Go to Home Job Placement – check and see if any jobs are available in your area.

Step 2: If there are any jobs available in your area, get certified as an Auction Listing Specialist (it’s super quick & easy); this qualifies you for instant placement in an actual paying position as well as gives you full access to all the training tools and resources you need.

Step 3: Set up your account and start earning money posting auction listings. The instructions are very easy to understand, and Home Job Placement gives you all the information you need to start posting (and earning) immediately.

Step 4: Get paid!

Plus, since it takes only 3-4 minutes per posting and they provide everything you need, you can begin making up to $75 an hour immediately! And you get paid fast!
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