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Thursday, April 22, 2010

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SMC Big Profits - Review - Best home job of 2010

Home Jobs Review

Today we are going to look at the new “Work at home Job Program”, that is getting pretty popular. This home job program we tested has maybe the most “Official” and “physical” asset to what you are doing. What we mean is, insted of a great deal of work at home jobs, where you fill out surveys, or do data entry, and so on, this one builds a business for you, and you basically keep it running, with full support. Hope you enjoy the review!

SMC Big Profits

Program Source: SMC Big Profits

Countries allowed: USA and Canada

Pro’s: Great Earnings – More long term potential – Legit system, with full support.

Con’s: Takes a little longer to set up.

Free Trial?: Yes, full free trial.

Cost of Free Trial: Only $1.95 Activation fee. Click Here to access free trial.

This program is one of the best programs we tested. It may not make as much money as our home job program system, but this one is a OFFICIAL and LEGIT business they set up for you on the internet, and you basically take over, and run it. They offer full support 24/7.

Here is what is included:

The Complete SMC Business Kit
FREE Membership Card
FREE Powerful Catalogues that Bring you orders
FREE30 day Business Coach
FREE Website Setup
FREESuccess GuideFREE

The program offers 100% support for anything related to the business, and has unlimited updates free of charge. They basically help you set up everything, and the business is yours, so that means everything is in your name, so you basically have a physical asset, as a business.

Unlike most home jobs in which you do surveys, or “Not so legit” systems of making money, this is a proven method that continues to surpass all home job programs. Here is what the program offers:

As stated by the owner:

*We provide thousands of fast-selling products at below-wholesale prices!
*We warehouse and ship all the merchandise for you!
*We provide proven marketing programs, including catalog sales, mail order,swap meets, internet sales, wholesaling and more!
*You get orders using catalogs with YOUR NAME on them!
*Make Up to 100% – 300% mark-up on products sold!
*We ship to you or directly to your customer, UNDER YOUR NAME, within 1-2 business days!

One of the most important things to remember with this program is that its a COMPLETE home job business, so if you are thinking you buy this, or test the free trial and start making huge money doing little things like ebay listings, or taking surveyes, this is not for you. You set up a legit business and make money according to the time you put it.

This is a ture home business, and all home job programs should be like this one.

Pointers: Make sure to test out the free Trial here
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