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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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Work at home Position Placement -

Work at home Position Placement -

The official review of Work At Home Position Placement. The full review can be found here at Work at Home position Placement review from

Here is a little sample of what to expect:

Program Source: Click Here – Work At Home Position Placement

Countries Allowed: USA, UK, Canada, AUS.

Earning Potential: $75 Per Hour reported.

Pro’s: One of the highest earners for a Home Job Program. Easy to use.

Con’s: Initial Cost of program.

Special Skills needed?: No, however you must be able to work on a computer (Basic tasks)

Required to sell anything? No – no selling or promoting your own products! (Very important quality)

Ok, let’s take a look at some more details with Work At Home Position Placement, and see what the buzz is all about. As always, we will be doing regular updates on this job program if any changes are made to the structure of the program.


Well, one of the most popular home job programs in USA and Canada right now is called “Work at home position Placement” and we are going to tell you a little bit about it, and give it a full review.

The first thing we noticed about this program, maybe the most important, is that you dont have to sell anything! There is nothing wrong with SMC home job programs, but it is a added stress having to promote and sell something, even if you do get a good wholesale discount. This is risk free in the sense that if you want to stop, you can. If you want to start back up, you can. No down time and no prep time.

This gives you a listing position, so basically once you log into your account, you will be set up with a listing position, and pick which one you want to do. You do the listing “Following their instructions”, and then you list something, and get paid once the listing is complete. It takes on average around 15 to 20 minutes to finish a listing. Sometimes you can get it done under ten minutes. Some of the big earners are doing listings in under 5 minutes, but that takes quite some practice.

Since you get paid for each individual listing, you can pick and choose how ofter you want to do this.
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