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Monday, March 28, 2011

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How to get nice abs for Women?

How to get nice abs for Women?


Performing thousands of sit-ups or crunches daily will not give you that six pack you always wanted, it will just get you injured. Your abdomen, technically called the the rectus abdominis, is a muscle just like your biceps, quadriceps and triceps. If you train your abs intensely they need to rest and recover just like any other muscle group. Do not work out your abs every day. Training them two to three times a week, with a day of rest in between is ideal.


Eating correctly will give you the midsection you always dreamed of. A well balanced diet consisting of lean protein, vegetables, fruit and unprocessed, whole grains is necessary to maintain lean muscle tissue and burn fat. It is also important to fuel your body every three to four hours to keep your metabolism going strong throughout the day. If your body does not get enough calories, it will think its starving and will use its own muscle for fuel. Your metabolism will tank and you will lose that lean, super fit look.

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