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Monday, April 11, 2011

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Available Match Dating -

Available Match Dating

# Go where people are. That sounds simplistic, but to get a date, one obviously has to be around other people in various places including: school, library, museum, mall, restaurant, club, sporting event, service organization, party, and so on.

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Get to know them. You want to make sure you actually like this person before you ask. The person might not be what you think. Have small conversations with them and compliment them every now and then. Try not to make it too obvious. See how he/she reacts. Does he/she listen to you and seem interested?
Pop the question. If you talk enough and become good friends with them, then they'll be more interested in you than if you didn't talk to them at all. Then, say something like "Well, I really would like to get to know you. You seem like a really interesting person, so I was wondering if you'd like to go to the movies on Friday night?" This is simply a guideline but you should actually have something worked out to say so you don't fumble for the words.
If they say yes, don't literally jump for joy. Say something like, "Cool. I'll see you there." Don't forget to arrange a meeting place and time. Exchange phone numbers in case something comes up.

Available Match Dating
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