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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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Local Mom makes her own homemade Solar Panels to save on Electricity Bill!

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Local Mother makes her own homemade Solar Panels to save on Electricity Bill!

Attention Mothers: Do you want to save on your electricity bill? Well, do what so many mothers and single mothers are doing now to save up to 80% on your home electricity bills. Building simple, easy and effective homemade Solar Panels.

We are now able to fully explain how this is done with a bunch of video tutorials, and step by step instructions. Let's get started!

*******While reading this, follow the video tutorials here. Makes it much easier!********

You do not need any special skills. You just need to follow the instructions, and watch the video tutorials. You will need basic tools like screwdrivers, tin snips, and other common tools.

Here are the features of the step by step instructions. We reviewed them, and gave it 5 out of 5 - Simple and FUN!

• Full and detailed instruction guide given which can be easily understood by a layman or the unskilled for building a home made solar panel.
• Other details on how to obtain the components available in the neighborhood material store for preparing the home made solar system.
• Few Tips on how to construct the alternative energy generators that is not readily available anywhere else.
• One time investment - and life long updates to the manual and video series, at no additional cost.
• Full cash back if you are not saving hundreds of dollars per month on your energy bill after using the system for eight months.
• Detailed instructions explained by videos

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