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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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Top 10 ways to make your home Green and more Efficient

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We have got hundreds of emails asking for our "Top 10 ways to make your home more green and more Efficient"... Well, here it is everyone!

Before we get into the Top 10 countdown, lets just go over a very fundamental rule. Make sure to discuss with family members about the importance of saving electricity. You can reward them if their participation has led to savings. Suggest them some tips like switching of the lights when they are not present there and attending a call in another room or having dinner at the dining table. Make sure to switch off all the appliances even if you are sure to be back in five minutes. Yes, that will help a lot. Every drop of water makes an ocean.

Now, lets get to the countdown shall we?

#1: Build your OWN Solar Panels
This is without a dout the best way to start saving money, and making your home green! We have probally the best tutorials around, so click here to read and watch the worlds #1 rated "Solar Panel Do-it-yourself tutorial. As seen here

#2: Instal your own Windmill power generator

This is the new craze. Before, you could only build and instal these in very open, windy areas, but now even small amounts of wind will generate huge amounts of power. We don't have a tutorial series for these yet, but Earth4Energy has the worlds best instructional series and Video collection. Check it out here

#3: Build your own Solar Water Heater

This one will soon be right at the top in terms of saving evergy. Building your own Hot water heater is a fantastic way to lower your water bill and hot water hydro bill.
Here are the #1 voted plans we have constructed to make your own Solar Powered water heater system. Here are the Video Tutorials

#4: Use Candles and artificial lighting sources:

Yes, its true! Studies have been done now that show using candles as a light source at night will save HUGE on your electricity bill. Try it, you will see the results!

#5: Lightbulbs!

Get rid of those old fashion light bulbs that get like 100 degrees! and replace them with energy-efficient fixtures and bulbs. Place fixtures strategically for the most lighting coverage and not near natural light sources. Remember to turn lights off if no one is in the room.

Yes, they cost more, but the savings are huge in the long run! In fact, halogen bulbs can last for about 10,000 hours.

#6: Water Conservation

Don't laugh, but if it's yellow let it mellow, and if it's brown, flush it down (Meet the Fockers) - But really, don't flush when not much is in there, don't run the tap for a while just to get to the right temp before using the water, and try not to have baths(as much).

#7: Create your own fresh drinking water!

Discover How To Get Up To 12 Years Of Clean, Healthy Drinking Water For Practically Free. Here are the famous instructions on how to make your own water filtration system! Click here for the instructions

#8: Watch the TEMP!

That's right. Keep an eye on the temp in the house. No need's to blast the heat.Use ceiling fans instead of air conditioners. Light clothing in summer is typically comfortable between 72°F and 78°F. But moving air feels cooler, so a slow-moving fan easily can extend the comfort range to 82°F

#9: Turn your computer off when you go to bed!

LCD monitors take up lots of juice, so don't use a screensaver, and set your computer to sleep afte a short period. This goes a long way if you are on your computer a lot. Same with TV's and other electronics!

#10: Educate your self and your family!

Now, don't go overboard. Just read up on new ways to keep your house green and efficient. Educate your kids on ways to keep the house green!
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