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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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How to get abs like a MMA fighter?

Brought to you by - #1 ab program on the market! You want abs like a MMA fighter? GSP?...Vitor Belfort?...Jones bones Jones? Well, they all follow VERY simple rules. BUT, there is a TON of secrets that people just refuse to publish. Besides the fact these guys train every day with some of the best trainers on the planet, there is a much simpler way of getting mega ripped abs. Check out the following routines, and this FREE Video! Exercise Repetitions Rest Sets Traditional Crunch* 12–15 none 1 Bent-Leg Knee Raise* 12–15 none 1 Oblique V-Up* 10 each side none 1 Bridge* 1 or 2 none 1 Back Extensions* 12–15 none 1 Squat 10–12 30 seconds 2 Bench Press 10 30 seconds 2 Pulldown 10 30 seconds 2 Military Press 10 30 seconds 2 Upright Row 10 30 seconds 2 Triceps Pushdown 10–12 30 seconds 2 Leg Extension 10–12 30 seconds 2 Biceps Curl 10 30 seconds 2 Leg Curl 10–12 30 seconds 2 BUT....the most important part is from this VIDEO - Click this video (There is a different one for men and women), and watch it. You will then see how doing a ab routine is NOT how you get mega ripped abs like a MMA fighter.
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